New crossings in Altwood Road

Great work by Cllr Stuart Carroll in Boyn Hill - getting level crossing put in to help children cross the road - good stuff ?

Cllr Carroll said: 

"I am very pleased to see the new crossings in Altwood Road implemented, which now provide safe crossing points for pupils & students at St Edmund Campion and Altwood School.

"This includes wig-wam lights and child-like bollards to alert motorists, and extended yellow lines to deter dangerous parking. A big thanks to all local residents who worked closely with me, particularly Melanie Short and Paul Clough who brought this to my attention and helped drive the issue, and the two schools (notably Patrica Opalko and Neil Dimbleby) for their help.

"A big thanks to officers for making this happen. I know some residents had concerns about the crossings, but child safety comes first and I am grateful for everyone's comments as part of the public consultation."