Lodge Farm Survey

In other news, everybody understands the need for housing, especially affordable housing, although we do understand that not everybody might not be comfortable with new housing; it's quite normal that.

However if we're to provide houses for our children, our grandchildren and all the people like nurses, doctors and teachers that we need to support us we have to more housing and this is what our new Borough Local Plan is designed to achieve.

At the same time, there are number of plans coming through which are not part of Borough Local Plan, one of those is here in Holyport - Lodge Farm – all the Bray councillors are opposed to the scheme.

You can read the planning application here: http://publicaccess.rbwm.gov.uk/online-applications/ by searching for 17/03857/OUT

Please fill in the short survey below to help us better understand your view on the issue. 

Proposed Lodge Farm Development Survey

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1.1. Overall, how do you feel about the development?
1.2. How confident are you the existing road infrastructure can support the increase in traffic?
1.3. Do you feel the developers have consulted enough?
1.4. What do you think about the number of houses proposed in the plans?