Bray Film Studios to reopen and proposed Lodge Farm development survey

Bray Film Studios Reopening

Bray resident and local councillor David Coppinger has some very exciting news! Bray Film Studios is set to reopen and with at least two major films to be filmed in the newly reopen studio will once again see Hollywood film stars in Bray!

Lodge Farm and Housing

In other news, everybody understands the need for housing, especially affordable housing, although we do understand that not everybody might not be comfortable with new housing; it's quite normal that.

However if we're to provide houses for our children, our grandchildren and all the people like nurses, doctors and teachers that we need to support us we have to more housing and this is what our new Borough Local Plan is designed to achieve.

At the same time, there are number of plans coming through which are not part of Borough Local Plan, one of those is here in Holyport - Lodge Farm – all the Bray councillors are opposed to the scheme.

You can read the planning application here: by searching for 17/03857/OUT

However they do want to understand all residents' views, so they have put together a short residents' survey, which you can fill in here and learn more about the application:…

A308, Money Road Green and Holyport Road

Residents in Bray will know of the constant problems with the A308 and we are pleased to say that we will be carrying out a study across a number of authorities on how we can improve the flow of traffic on that road, as well as calming plans on both Money Road Green and Holyport Road.

Potholes and Weekly Bin Collection

We're very lucky, all of us who live in the Royal Borough, we live in one of the finest places in the whole country. Here’s two reasons to be cheerful:

1) We have some of the best roads in the country with a good system for reporting and fixing potholes, if you ever see a pothole please do report on the borough website: and we will fix it.

2) We collect our rubbish every single week and we're just about to go out to tender for a new contract and I can confirm that weekly bin collections is still part of that.

Holyport Fair and Fifield Fun Day

Reminders for upcoming village fairs:

1) Holyport Fair – 2nd June -

2) Fifield Fun Day – 28th July -

At both of these Cllr Coppinger and his wife and will be running the hog-roast, please do pop over and talk to him - buy a hog roll - and chat over any issues you might have.

Proposed Lodge Farm Development Survey

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    Lodge Farm Development
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1.1. Overall, how do you feel about the development?
1.2. How confident are you the existing road infrastructure can support the increase in traffic?
1.3. Do you feel the developers have consulted enough?
1.4. What do you think about the number of houses proposed in the plans?